The Lake

The 5 acre lake has a good head of carp and was last stocked in 2007 with over 1 ton of Czech Royals. These ranged from 20 lbs to 30 lbs in weight. Coupled with our existing stock we now have mirror carp to 47lb and common carp to 38lb.

The lake is fed by 3 natural springs ensuring a constant water temperature and quality. The bed is made up of sand and gravel with silt around the spring inlets. There is very little weed to cause snags. Two large holes and a trench provide features to fish to, while the varying depths allow the carp to seek out shallower water to bask in warmer weather, or deeper water to feed. The natural growth around the lake provides cover without impeding the fishing.

le chene vert carp fishing lake
le chene vert carp lake 2

The lake also has a good stock of perch, chubb, roach, tench and zander. There are no crayfish or poison chats.

The lake can take 6 anglers with 7 swims to choose from. Click here for a map of the lake.